Influenced by
Jasper Johns, Charles Burchfield, R. Crum,Judith Leyster, Artimesia Gentileschi, Italian Renaissance,Giotto, Paolo Uccello , Richard Prince, Chris Wool, isolation,  being a woman, loving animals, Bridget Riley, Stella, Ellsworth Kelly, movies, sports, Cézanne,  nature, color,  am moved by paint , waited so long for a room and a voice, paint the way oil paint is  magic, I’m obsessive , Matisse and Picasso, a song, every cultures music, David  Park ,Tantric paintings,David Hockney , Amy Winehouse, Glenn Miller, Martin Scorsese, Mississippi Delta, Woody Guthrie, Bill Trayler, early American, any primitive painting any good un schooled painting, Henri Rousseau , I’ll look at anything anytime if it’s what I need to look at,  Egon Schiel,  Stubbs, I love any painting that it’s so obviously the artist loves the subject that they are painting, of pain in the reveling in the magic of oil paint and reveling in their subject matter,Dutch artists who have humor Jan Steen, primitive American portraits,  primitive paintings of Animals , silhouettes, paintings  of a person I love like George Washington , an action, a movement, paintings of people doing things even if it’s just holding a bird, or doing some needlework ,paintings  move me , color moves me. The sky when it looks like a watercolor already.painting tricks.